Reporting/Creative Non-Fiction

Reporting, Press Releases, Editing

As a writer passionate about inquiry, I have worked as a writer and editor for newspapers, literary journals, academic journals, and web news production sources. I have always been interested in feature writing and have a strong background in conducting interviews with lawyers, politicians and other professionals. I can offer contributing services to PR agencies, web publications, and other businesses interested in long-form feature writing, press releases, and other copy for media exposure. My work has appeared in Slow Travel Berlin, Illustrated Guide to Life, Milwaukee Magazine, Shepherd Express, and on American Public Media’s, Life of the Law.

Creative Non-Fiction

My creative non-fiction projects are dedicated to exploring culture, politics, art, and (most generally), the human experience through personal narrative. My work includes essays that have been published in The Hair Pin Thought Catalog, and Accidental Extremist. Excerpts from my collection have also been performed at San Francisco’s Fireside Storytelling, LitUP, and live at the Porchlight series.

Wayward Betty

A substantive portion of my non-fiction creative work can be found on my blog,